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Image by Rezal Scharfe
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It's me, Daisy!

Hey! I'm so ready to shoot together, it's what truly makes me happy!

From a child, painting my bedroom walls, learning the piano and getting my first camera at the age of 10, I've never felt more in my element than when I am creating art.
Nowadays, as an adult, whether it is shooting a wedding or finding creative ways to restore furniture, It's who I am. I can't believe that my artistic abilities have brought me not only happiness but also my career. 

But enough about me, I would love to learn more about you! 

My style is based around organic moments. Genuine smiles are the best smiles and I will do just about anything to get one. Whether it's me busting out my "dad jokes" or busting a move; I'll make it happen, Captain. 

I began my photography business journey after starting a family. I found myself wanting to freeze every little moment, so I did the next best thing, I captured it with a photo. I guess you could say the rest is history.

Whether it's here in Houston or up in the mountains of Colorado, I'm ready to have some fun and help others capture those memories!

My Style

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